Week 4: Transliteracy and Metaliteracy: Emerging Literacy Frameworks for Social Media

Tom Mackey and Trudi E. Jacobson


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Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

Open, Online and Mobile

Introducing Transliteracy

Transliteracy: Crossing Divides

Reframing Information Literacy as Metaliteracy

Transliteracy Research Blog

Transliteracy Research Group

Libraries and Transliteracy

More on Metaliteracy

Re-Conceptualizing Information Literacy as a Metaliteracy for Social Media





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Here are a few questions for you to think about … feel free to blog, tweet, discuss and ask more questions as the week progresses.

do you think?  Does transliteracy transcend the digital divide?  does
it describe some of the thrust of open source thinking?  of open source
learning?  of education?  What media, tools and delivery platforms do
you use, and how long do they stick around and why?   Which have you
already discarded and why?