Week 1: Orientation



Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials

Multicultural Experience and Creativity

The Internet in Society

Downes on Open Education

Self Regulated Learning and Coping with MOOC abundance … Downes



Can Creativity be Taught?

Creative Commons

Think Different

Interculturalism-A Lettrist Sampler-1  Reprinted with permission from Gautam Dasgupta.  Source: Interculturalism and Performance, edited by Bonnie Marranca and Gautam Dasgupta, PAJ Publications, 1991, pp 321-332.



    • See recording
  • Betty Lawrence and Carol Yeager  Orientation


Here are a few ideas to get you started prior to our official start and during the first week:

1. Engage in the Reading, Viewing and Listening Materials for this Orientation week.

2. As an introductory week, this is a good opportunity to define how you will participate in the course. We encourage you to set up a blog (on a service such as wordpress.com or blogger). This course is different from what you’ve likely experienced in the past – it’s open and distributed. It’s important for you to define where you wish to begin forming (or extend an existing) digital identity.

3. Use the CMC11 tag in anything you create. Our course tag is: #CMC11

It is especially important to use this tag in del.icio.us, diigo and in Twitter. That is how we will recognize content related to this course. We will aggregate this content and display it in our newsletter. Yes – your content will be displayed in the NewPosts.  That’s how other people will find it. Please make sure you register for our newsletter, NewPosts  on the “About This Course” page.

If you are using a blog, Flickr, or a discussion group, share the RSS feed. Please see the video on the “How This Course Works” page on how to find your RSS feed if you don’t know how. But if you already know how, please  use the form by adding a new feed here, if you have not already done so.

Submit your blog to gRSShopper reader so we can track and share your activity (tag/label it with CMC11 somewhere in your blog post).

4. Attend the course orientation meeting on Thursday, 15 September in Elluminate/Blackboard Collaborate. See the listing under the header “Seminar” on this pag (above) for time in your location and the url link. If you are not familiar with the new v11, take the tutorial linked here.

5.  Have fun and enjoy the learning journeys you embark upon here and beyond.


Based on “How It Works” CCK11/Stephen Downes